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Actionable, operational reports and analytics for your ERP

Angles for SAP transforms and enhances your critical data from SAP ERP tools, turning it into actionable insights.

Angles for Oracle

Angles for Oracle delivers a context-aware, process-rich business data model with a library of 1,800 pre-built, no-code business reports.

Blend live data from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 to create reports in Excel.

Advanced real-time financial and operational reporting inside Excel and on the web for Microsoft Dynamics.


EPM reporting and visual analytics.

Create live, drillable reports for JDE and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Real-time financial and custom business reporting directly in Excel for EBS and SAP.

Real-time reporting that connects to 130+ ERPs directly in Excel.

Collaborative and connected planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
Extend planning across your organization with scalable, granular, customizable, and intuitive planning and forecasting applications.

Reduce disclosure risk for regulatory, external, and internal reports.

Equity management software and administration services for public and private companies.

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