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89% of Decision Makers Are Unhappy With the Tools They Use to Create Operational Reports. Are You?

It’s a Manually Intensive Process

Complex ERP data structures and analytics tools that don’t play well with transactional data make operational reporting a slow, error-prone, manual process that is heavily reliant on IT experts.

Demand for Operational solution is Increasing
Two-thirds of organizations generate daily operational reports and analytics, with demand increasing across all business areas. Given that most organizations still create these reports manually, this places a huge burden on IT to satisfy this demand.
Copy and Waste
Three-fourths of organizations require over an hour to distribute operational reports once they’ve been created. Coupled with the sheer volume of reports they need to produce, it’s clear this creates both a drain on resources and delays in getting critical information into the hands of decision-makers.

Get Faster, More Meaningful solution From Day-to-Day ERP Data

Operational Reports and Analytics Without the Data Headaches

Combine a deep understanding of your ERP data structures with associated business logic to create a business-friendly view of your operational data. Out-of-the-box templates, a drag-and-drop interface and drill-down functionality makes it quick and easy to create reports, dashboards, and ad hoc inquiries quickly, without needing the support of a team of technical experts and business analysts. Get answers to questions across finance, supply chain, HR, and more, including:

  • Past due customer invoices and amount owed
  • Margin by customer by product
  • Cost of an item across suppliers
  • Vendor lead times
  • Total cost of your workforce
  • Health expense by employee
  • Employee productivity rate
  • Attrition rate
  • Customer churn rate
  • Utilization rate for services
  • And many more

Fast Access to Operational solution Without Relying On IT

Replicate transactional data in near real-time from your Cloud or on-premise ERPs with fast response times and without impacting the performance of your core operational systems. Combine business data from different source systems in a single integrated repository to maintain visibility across your business from one central reporting platform.

Tailor-Made for Your ERP

For larger organizations running SAP or Oracle ERPs, simplify and demystify access to your operational data for consumption in your BI tool of choice. Mid-sized organizations can achieve the same operational reporting outcomes in their ERP of choice, providing business users with a no-code tool to create and modify reports and dashboards for the ultimate in self-service.

Operational Reporting Trends Report

Organizations across all industries need more accurate and faster business insights, and finance teams are producing an ever-increasing volume of operational reports to meet that need. In this report, discover:

  • Where finance teams face their biggest challenges with operational reporting
  • Which operational reports are being produced most frequently
  • What roles automation and interactive reporting play in finance team satisfaction
  • Which tools and processes are areas of opportunity for finance teams going forward

Download the report today.

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Reporting is always a challenge because there are so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.

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