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Manual Sharing Compromises Report Integrity

True Collaboration and Sharing is Nearly Impossible
It’s hard to work with cross functional teams when creating and relying on reports. One version is up on a shared network, another on someone’s desktop. How do you know you’re looking at the right one? You should be able to get the accurate data no matter where you are.
Data and Report Integrity is Questionable
It’s a given that multiple team members will need access to the same report, but you shouldn’t have to question the integrity of the data. As reports pass through more hands, the structure gets compromised. Inaccurate data not only impacts your business success, but can create costly issues.
You Never Know Which Version is Right
Old reports are floating around and copies of reports are piling up all over servers, network drives, local machines… the challenge never ends. Getting the report you need, the right report, shouldn’t be so difficult and shouldn’t require a round robin of questions.

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Collaborative BI

Financial Reporting and BI solutions with complete report management, collaboration and publishing, so everyone has the right data.

Run Shared Reports From Anywhere

A fast, easy web portal that’s ready to use.

The Jet Hub allows you to access shared and published reports from virtually any device that has a web browser so you can view and refresh reports or dashboards from anywhere. Open reports with Excel Online and refresh without additional software.

Find Your Report Immediately

Complete report search and management.

The Jet Hub delivers a comprehensive report management system with sharing, version control, report permissions and search capabilities. Never get stuck looking for the right report, and never get caught using the wrong one.

Have Confidence in your Data

Automated report and dashboard updates.

Report sharing is report caring. With Jet, you can have one instance of a report and share it with individuals or groups. And have those reports updated for everyone, at the same time. This ensures everyone is working from the same ‘version of the truth’ and no one starts disputing numbers in the boardroom.

Create Reports & Dashboards Worth Sharing

Streamline your report building process and create stunning reports by downloading our guide, “Top 10 Reporting Best Practices.”
Learn how to:

  • Make reports more interactive
  • Increase report usability
  • Tailor reports for your audience
  • Prevent unwanted spreadsheet errors
  • And more!

Work with the #1 Financial Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

Reporting is always a challenge because there are so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.

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