Commentary and Financial Narrative Master Solutions

Capture, Manage, and Distribute Commentary and Financial Narratives During the Financial Reporting Process

Is Your Finance Team Struggling to Communicate and Collaborate Effectively Throughout the Reporting Process?

Interdepartmental Communication is Non-Existent
When your systems and your people don’t talk to each other during the financial reporting process, a lot of valuable information and knowledge can get lost.
Report Commentary is Confusing and All Over the Place
Silos, inefficiencies, and mistakes arise without the ability to track comments in a report and communicate with other team members.
Repetitive Manual Tasks and Generic Office Tools are Impacting Efficiency
Juggling multiple versions of a report and chasing down key stakeholders for their feedback can consume a huge amount of valuable resources and time in the long run.

Easily Chat, Share, and Collaborate in Real Time with Commentary and Narrative Software for Leading EPM Solutions

Ensure the Right Message is in the Right Place

Our in-app commentary features let you easily manage the commentary and narrative of key stakeholders, so you know everything that happens behind the scenes. From minor changes to major updates, you can save commentary to a specific Point of View and report or use annotations to add narrative to all levels, views, and hierarchies.

Tell the Story Behind the Numbers

The storyboard functionality within our reporting software helps you put together the most relevant reports and leave a clear audit trail for reporting narrative to reference in the future. Your finance team can chat in real-time and drive conversations about report information, while our software automatically records all changes to commentary on reports.

Get Instant solution with Instant Messaging

Never get stuck second guessing the data in your financial reports again. To get immediate answers to your questions, start a conversation with the right people at any time with an instant messenger-style tool. insightsoftware provides the tools you need to improve productivity and enhance collaboration in a single, secure environment.

How to Compare Reporting & BI Solutions

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin and end with data—not just how the data are collected, but also how they are stored, organized, and accessed. With a saturated market full of solutions to choose from, you need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What to look for in reporting and/or BI software.
  • Why a reporting and BI solution is essential for growth
  • How to avoid reporting and BI solution implementation failure

To assist with your software selection process and help you find a solution that fits your current ERP system and IT infrastructure, we have also created a framework for evaluating third party solutions.

You need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

Work with the #1 Financial Narrative Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

Reporting is always a challenge because there are so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.

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