Accounting Rules

Implement Flexible Accounting Logic to Tackle Regulatory Challenges and Market Changes

Is Your Finance Team Under Pressure to Quickly Respond to Innovation and Competition?

Expanding Role of Finance
Finance today is more than just accounting. Your teams are under pressure to meet the demands of multiple stakeholders, the pace of innovation, and the impact of regulatory change, all while completing routine accounting tasks.
History of Underinvestment
Future-facing CFOs seek to drive innovation, but their teams are working with clunky, aging systems and error-prone processes. You are unable to react to regulatory changes with inflexible programs.
Unnecessary Risks
You need to access data and defined business rules, but you’re dependent on IT to do so. That process takes time and can expose the organization to unnecessary risks and costs, further complicating your job.

Achieve IFRS 17 Compliance with an Out-of-the-box Configuration

Solve Critical Business Challenges

Integrate accounting rules and comply with regulations, like IFRS and BCBS239, quickly using pre-built content and data models. The FastPost accounting hub has a library of rules that can be applied to incoming data and business events, helping you meet stakeholder demands.

Install Modern Business Systems

Implement a cloud-based accounting rules hub with extensive APIs and integrations to extend the life and value of inflexible legacy systems, and set up a smooth migration in future. With a high-speed platform, you can handle all types of finance events, record them in a robust financial subledger, and quickly react to a changing market.

Boost Control and Efficiency

Easy-to-use GUI makes accounting and business rules fast to define, test, and approve with full audit control. You and your finance colleagues can take control with Excel-familiar software that cuts costs, ensures consistency, and minimizes errors.

You Make the Rules

Enable business users to make accounting rules quickly using a no-code, Excel-familiar expression language. You can take the burden off IT while using an IT-approved environment to improve efficiency, shrink lead times, reduce costs, and centralize the implementation of accounting logic.

Implement Agile Accounting Logic

With the demands of multiple stakeholders and clients, the pace of innovation and the impact of regulatory change, finance today is more than just accounting. With FastPost, gain full control by defining your own rules to account for business events and transactions across all products, services and channels, however complex, in a fully transparent, auditable, and non-disruptive way.

  • Break free of inflexible legacy systems
  • Create a single source of truth for accounting logic
  • Reduce IT dependency to implement accounting rules
  • Get granular-level control over your data

Digital Finance Transformation, IFRS 9, 15, 16, and 17 Accounting Change, Regulation & Compliance – FastPost Has it Covered

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