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Are Your Financial Reporting Processes Consuming Valuable Time, Money, and Resources?

Copy and Waste
The number of hours that your finance team spends copying and pasting data into Excel adds up. It is ineffective and wastes valuable time. Without manual entry, you would have more time to work on business strategy or data analysis.
Manual Processing is Error Prone
Manually stitching relevant financial and operational data together is time consuming and error prone. It poses a risk to decision making and creates uncertainty surrounding the accuracy of data.
Custom Reports are Expensive
When you’re reliant on technical specialists, every custom report, report modification, last-minute tweak, or inevitable ERP upgrade impacts the cost of your financial reporting. It’s time to eliminate the bottleneck.

Improve Financial Report Accuracy and Cut Costs by 50%

Put Finance in Control of Reporting Software

ERPsmarts understand your data and use your existing ERP security, so finance teams can create their own reports without leaning on IT or dumping static data into spreadsheets. Report across any module without requiring specialist technical knowledge. Create standard and ad hoc reports with more flexibility than native ERP reports, allowing you to filter on many more fields and drag additional fields onto the report to answer common questions, including:

  • Revenue trends
  • Vendor spending
  • Capex spending
  • Daily cash flow tracking
  • Daily cash flow tracking
  • Weekly forecasting
  • Advanced payables aging
  • And many more
  • Project costs
  • Supply chain inventory trends
  • Scenario modeling
  • Cash receipts analysis

Fast Time to Value

Instill new levels of trust in your data with direct integration into your backend ERP and EPM software systems for one single version of the truth. Our out-of-the-box financial reporting software solutions are easy to use and quick to implement, so you get fast access to accurate data (without impacting production systems) in hours.

360° Support for the Financial Reporting Lifecycle

Accelerate your financial reporting cycle and reduce errors with reporting software built for finance teams. Our financial reporting software empowers users to explore data and create reports by providing flexible, real-time reporting with drill-down capabilities, interactive ad hoc visualizations, KPI dashboards, and executive storyboards.

3 Ways To Up Your Financial Reporting Game

As a finance professional, you have a talent for turning numbers into information and guiding the business to make important decisions with confidence. But a problem arises when we assume that the rest of the business feels the same way about data and has the skills look at a spreadsheet or financial report and understand it the same way finance does.

  • How humans process information and how we can use this to present data in a way that is easier to consume
  • Why data is only one-third of the information equation, and how leveraging context can help
  • The way collaboration can be integrated into the financial reporting process
  • The true importance of real-time and how it can no longer be a “nice-to-have”

Work with the #1 Financial Reporting Software Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

Reporting is always a challenge because there are so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.

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