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The Challenge

After relocating and consolidating operations to a single location in 2016, Thomas Wellness sought to improve its internal processes and pave the way for digital transformation initiatives that the company knew would be critical to its ongoing success in the 2020s and beyond.

The company was faced with growing complexity and struggled with manual processes that consumed valuable staff time and detracted from the core activities that generated value for the company and its clients. Company leadership clearly understood that the right technology systems were a pivotal element in becoming more efficient and scaling the company up.

After facing considerable difficulties with two previous ERP systems, leaders at the company were especially attentive to the need for a thorough process in evaluating and selecting the software that would help run the business efficiently. The company reached out to Triangle, a trusted technology advisor who worked with the company to explore options for a new ERP system. After a thorough vetting process, the company selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • TWG was looking to pave the way for digital transformation
  • Triangle facilitated the automation of internal processes with Jet Reports
  • Jet Reports increased productivity throughout TWG

Thomas Wellness Group (TWG) specializes in designing, manufacturing, and implementing projects in the fitness and wellness sector, creating fitness centers, spas, home gyms, and other wellness facilities for commercial and individual clients.

Thomas Wellness Group strives to be the first choice for those who are thinking of designing and equipping a wellness space. They aim to reflect the people who work in their company: a young, dynamic and innovative team where the desire to grow and attention to detail manifest daily. Innovation, design, and technology are hallmarks of TWG’s approach.

Based in Madrid, Thomas Wellness has been in business since 1994 and has over 50 employees.

Catalogs will always be important to us and our customers, particularly teachers. Our research shows that they rely on the books. The improvements we made with our product content in Agility has allowed us to shorten the production cycle time. We expect to do more catalogs, not less.

Claire Edwards

Head Of Marketing

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